This Thug Teen Who Laughed While Beating Boy With Brass Knuckles, Find Out His Fate In Court!

Thug Sucker punches boy

On May 31, there is a teenager from Conway, Arkansas thought it would be “cool” to put on a pair of brass knuckles, and quietly walk up behind a boy which is 12-years old and punch him in the side of the head. He knocked the 12-year-old boy to the ground.

Kane Millsaps who had the brass knuckles was caught on camera targeting the 12 years old child in a sucker punch that left him senseless.

Now Millsaps faces up to 20 years in prison for the brutal attack

In the video, you can see how Millsaps wearing brass knuckles on his left hand and raises both of his middle fingers to the camera right before walking up behind the boy and slamming him in the side of the head.

After the sudden attack, the boy senseless on the ground, Millsaps continues his brutal attack. Relentlessly, he punches the younger boy in the face while he is down.

After the brutal attack, the 12-year-old victim suffered broken teeth, a cut on his neck and a bruised right eye. He is lucky that he didn’t die or leave the fight paralyzed.

Millsaps has been charged as an adult because the attack was caught on camera and proves that he had no remorse concerning it. He could spend the next twenty years of his life in the prison if convicted of first-degree battery.

“If he gets the maximum sentence, which I hope he doesn’t, he’ll get out when he is 36 years old,” Shaw questions. “Then what?”

Millsap’s mother claimed that since her child deals with mental illness, he should be excused. His mother says that he has spent a year and a half in a juvenile detention center for fighting on the previous occasion. He has a violent history.

“It’s my opinion that this is an untreated 16-year-old who needs help,” Shaw said.

So what do you think about this teen? Should he be spared jail time?

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