This Restaurant Hires “Elderly” Who Have “Dementia”, You’ll Never Know What Orders Come!

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Imagine, what will you do if the waitress serves you a meal that doesn’t fit your order? Well, you’ll definitely ask them to change the meal, aren’t you?

Unfortunately, in this Japanese Restaurant, you can’t complain! According to the name of the restaurant “Restaurant of Order Mistakes”, this restaurant employs elderly people who have “Dementia”, aka diseases that degrade brain cognitive function.

This restaurant is located in downtown Tokyo, Japan. If you already know that you’re going to get the wrong order, but decided to go inside, then there’s no reason to complain or get angry, isn’t it?

All the waitress are all the grandmothers with smiley faces and typical Japanese hospitality, can you really be angry with them?

This restaurant exists because the owners want to raise some awareness of Dementia-aged parents and show that they can also work and be useful in society.

Food Blogger, Mizuho Kudo go to this restaurant on purpose to try out their services and was very satisfied with the experience he got! He ordered burgers, but the ones who came were Gyoza dumplings! Luckily, it’s delicious!

“When my food comes, I can not help laughing!”, He explained on Twitter.

The restaurant is open only for 2 days, June 2 to June 4. However, restaurant owners plan to reopen it in September to commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day.

If you’re planning to pay a visit to Japan in September, you’ve to try to visit this restaurant! You don’t have to confuse what to order because you’ll be served something that surely beyond your expectations!

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