Need A Photoshop’s Master Help? This Guy Will Do It, But For All Wrong Reasons…

Photoshoped Without Trash Can

Back in the day when you need to face the fact that you would have to look back at our pictures where you had a pimple 20 years ago and see the same read angry blemish staring at you. Luckily, nowadays everything has changed because of this wonderful creation of Photoshop. A computer program that’s there for our every imperfection.

So you got a problem with a photo? bald head? messy hair day? or did you close your eyes at the wrong moment? Or maybe you want to erase ex-boyfriend you’d prefer not to be there? Relax, let me introduce you, James Fridman. There’s nothing this King of Photoshop can’t do on the magical editing program. he has over a million followers on Twitter, has got your back. But perhaps not in the way you imagine…

1. he is a man with principles

2. He sure makes them fight

3. Exactly as he wished

4. That really less round

5. Nailed it

6. OMG, So Real

7. Could He Be More Badass?

8. I Don’t Know What To Say About This One

9. There Is Somethings Can’t Be Fixed

10. Smile Sunshine

11. No Trash Can Is Not Good For Environment

12. ROFL

13. Now They Aren’t Behind Her Anymore

14. Done

15. Bubble Style

No one can deny that James doesn’t do exactly as he’s instructed, just maybe not precisely in the way you’d imagine. Do you want to try to send a photo to him?

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