Major KFC Recipe Changes on the Way, According to New Leak

Kentucky Fried Chicken

When it comes to fried chicken, saying I’m an expert would be a bit of a stretch. For some reason, poultry was the last thing on my mind when it came to late night fast food cravings. Well, until just recently.

After years of being oblivious, I have now seen the error of my ways. True to its hype, KFC and everything related really is as scrumptious and as finger-licking as everybody says.

Although am late to the Kentucky Fried Chicken party, I was surprised to find out that my new found obsession could soon witness some fundamental changes. According to an email chain leaked online, between KFC executives, some major changes may be making their way to KFC’s meals in the not so far future.

Assumed to be the secret title of this upcoming enterprise, Project Titan seems to the main subject of these leaked emails. After being the topic of discussion in a meeting, this leaked email subsequently describes a new recipe in the works, and how much of an impact it’s development and revelation to the world will make.

Why is this a big deal you ask? For the uninitiated, the fried chicken giant’s recipe of 11 herbs and spices has remained unchanged since its perfection in 1940. With this fact in mind, the new concept might be a bit daunting. However, not only is the person sending the email happy with the new recipe, but the Senior Brand Manager is also confident it will go down as a success.

Unsurprising those who received the email chain were a bit skeptical about the product. In an effort to calm their fears, he mentioned that he too had doubts, but was confident the recipe would be as much of a hit with people, as the Colonels Original Recipe.

Ironically, even though he spoke about the project at an earlier meeting, he still asks that the confidentiality of the Project Titan agenda be maintained. He even goes as far as requiring that any person involved in the making of the product, sign an NDA in advance. This is no small feat, and we can only imagine how sensitive the matter was for the company.

After this leak, I’m sure he isn’t expecting any signatures on NDAs.

Before we jump into conclusions about Project Titan, let’s explore the possibilities: 1. it’s likely that new changes will come in form of a new addition to the menu. 2. It could spruce up the original spices and herbs, which make KFC incredibly tasty.

Like everyone else, the idea of change, big or small makes me uneasy, especially when it’s related to food. So when our beloved Original Recipe is threatened, it’s hard to just sit and watch without overreacting.

However you take the news, the Brand Manager has declared exciting times ahead for everyone involved and concerned. For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the changes are positive.

KFC has witnessed cases of leaks before. Only last year, the original recipe was said to have been discovered in writing, on an old scrapbook. It’s widely known that the secret KFC seasoning is protected in a secure vault, only accessible to the company. This was a well-kept secret until one of Colonel Sanders’ nephews stumbled upon the will of Sanders second wife along with the handwritten note.

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